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Patents, Utility Models, and Designs

Preparation of patent, utility model, and design applications. Our Firm's team of Patent Attorneys qualified in the various scientific and engineering fields provides all services relating to the filing of Spanish national patent and utility model applications, Community and Spanish design applications, and international (PCT) and European patent applications as well as the corresponding country designations.

Searches. Our Firm has the means and specialized personnel on hand that enable it to conduct all types of searches relating to patents, utility models, industrial models and designs, and Community and Spanish designs (particularly subject matter and owner searches).

Technical opinions. Our Firm's Patent Attorneys draw up technical opinions addressing patentability and infringement issues.

Watching services. On request our Firm offers watching services to monitor filings of new patents, utility models, and/or industrial designs which could potentially conflict with the industrial property rights being watched. The relevant watch notices are sent out for purposes of information and, where appropriate, opposition. Special-purpose watching services are also available upon request.

Technical translations. Our Firm has a large team of qualified translators specializing in the different technical fields for the various language pairs to prepare the initial versions of translations. The versions prepared by this team are then vetted and revised by our Firm's Patent Attorneys, who are responsible for the final versions, ensuring that our translations are of the highest quality.

National phase of European patents. Our Firm handles validations in Spain both of European patent applications for provisional protection under Article 67(3) of the European Patent Convention (EPC) and of granted European patents to obtain the corresponding Spanish part under Article 65(1) EPC and in fact takes charge of a large share of all validation work performed. The requisite translations of the original specifications are produced as just described in the preceding section dealing with technical translations.


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